如何扭转困境的36选7开奖,第1部分At the start of every school year 您 drag 您r finger down 您r roster, hopeful 您 won’t see one of the few names that can send shivers down 您r spine.

Every year, it seems, there are a handful of students that have the potential to make 您r life miserable.

Having one of these beauties on 您r roster can mean the difference between leaping out of bed in the morning and shrinking pitifully back under the covers.


The student will disrupt 您r class, interfere with learning, and cause 您 to spend an inordinate amount of time trying to curb his or her behavior.




And what about 您 and 您r personal fulfillment?

Was it another year of being sick and tired of dealing with misbehavior? Is it going to be another summer of hoping the stars will align and 您 finally get a “good” class?

And what of the difficult student? Will he (or she) move on to the next grade level no more mature or well behaved than when he walked through 您r classroom door on the first day of school?

Will 您 sigh, rub 您r temples, and say to 您r colleagues, “I’m so glad this year is over, and I’m sorry to whoever gets Anthony next year?”


Are 您 ready to confront the real reason why 您 struggle with difficult students?




Compassion is a good thing. We teachers were born with it in abundance. It breaks our hearts to see what some of our students have to go through at such a 您ng age.


But this same compassion that in many respects makes 您 a good teacher can cause 您 to make excuses for students, which, in the long run, hurt them and undermine 您r ability to turn them around.







I know 您 want what’s best for 您r students. I know 您 love kids. I know 您 want to make a difference.

But do 您 care enough to stop making excuses for bad behavior? Do 您 care enough to make the hard decisions? Do 您 care enough to put 您r personal feelings aside and do what is right for 您r students?

Are 您 ready to say, “It’s over. The buck stops here. The disrespect, the bad behavior, and the excuses are going to stop with me?”

Are 您 ready to make a lifelong impact on those who need 您 the most?

Answering yes to these questions is difficult. It’s scary. It means 您 must confess that there really is something more that 您 can do.

The power to turn difficult students around indeed resides with 您.


But 您 can’t escape this truth:



当然,我们可以尝试了解它为什么发生以及它来自何处。我们可以帮助安东尼发怒。我们可以用鼓励性的话语表达对安东尼的同情和 赞美笔记.


But if 您 believe that they can’t overcome their circumstances, and 您 believe that they—and 您—are at the mercy of their 首页 life and their difficult past, then 您’re giving up on them.

And 通过 excusing bad behavior and blaming it on outside influences, 您’re letting them know loud and clear that 您 don’t believe in them.

下周, I’m going to show 您 what to do when a difficult student like Anthony shows up on 您r roster. I’m going to show 您 how to turn them around and make a powerful impact on their lives.

But the last question I have for 您 is this:

Do 您 have the stomach for it?

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  1. 感谢您的有用指导。

    • 嗨艾拉,

      I need more information in order to give 您 my opinion. Please email me with more specifics. I’m happy to help!


  2. im frustrated. My associate teacher (I am a student teacher) believes that 您 have to be inconsistent with classroom rules because 您 dont know what kind of day someone is having. The classroom is undisplined, the only suggestions to manage the class are to shout…我不知所措。该怎么办?

    • 嗨,伊夫,

      Sorry to hear that. Teachers who are inconsistent have poor classroom management and typically use potentially harmful and counterproductive methods like yelling, lecturing, admonishing, etc. When 您’re given control of the class, however, 您 don’t have to teach this way. There is no reason why 您 can’t be consistent and follow the class rules. Also, 您’只是一个短时间的36选7开奖老师。把它全部拿来,即使它’s what 不 to do.



  3. 对于实际上在教室里跑来跑去,在教室外面上下移动的36选7开奖,我该怎么办?二年级我们有“ISS”学校停学,这是一个由教师助理负责的房间,监督孩子们在做或假装去做我们为他们准备的工作。它’对于老师来说,这确实是更多的惩罚,他们必须为孩子们准备好额外的工作。助手并不能真正确保孩子们能正确完成工作– in fact she at times seems to make 国际空间站 a “fun”的地方,即使她对他们严格要求,我们当然也不会’当他们第二天回来上课时,注意到行为上有所改善。父母可能会打孩子–这困扰着我。通常,即使他们在学校遇到麻烦,他们也只是回家玩电子游戏。我和我的同事感到如此失败。行为不端的孩子使认真的36选7开奖难以学习。

    • 嗨Jan

      I can certainly hear the frustration in 您r words. This site was created to help teachers like 您, and I believe in my heart it can do that–regardless of who 您r students are. Please take a look around and try a few of the strategies. I think 您’ll be happy with the results. As for 您r questions here and under another 文章, the behavior of 您r students is a symptom of what is going on in 您r classroom. It is indeed severe misbehavior to throw things at 您 and to run out of 您r classroom and up and down the halls unsupervised. I’m 不 going to rewrite here what has already been written on the website. For severe misbehavior look through 不 just the Difficult Student category, but all the categories. If after using the strategies and principles to change 您r approach 您 have any specific questions, email me. I’m happy to help.


  4. 去年,我带领一名高中生在我的指导下,在暑假期间保持联系&提供指导和领导。他是去年的新ELL,非常聪明,潜力无限!今年12年级,他已与上一年相反。不工作,举止不当,对我不敬。我与家人关系密切,曾与父亲通俗地说过,但避风港’它解决了整个问题。我已经哄骗,恳求,讨论过,等等,他需要完成毕业任务。它一直被忽略。他的举止好像我很讨厌。我希望他的成绩报告能使他成真,但是如果没有效果怎么办?我对此感到非常沮丧。太出乎意料了。为什么?

    • 杰夫,你好

      It can hurt when a student turns his back on 您–especially after all the help and support 您’ve provided. But don’t give up on him. Certainly he may be annoyed with 您r involvement now, but too bad. It’为他的好。你要好好照顾 to care what he thinks of 您 now. Stay on him. Someday he’ll thank 您 for it.


  5. 我喜欢写手写笔记。我是一个潜艇,有时任务更长,这使我能够在了解36选7开奖时做到这一点。我想问一下如何给与您在一起仅一个时期的中36选7开奖留下便条而不使他们感到尴尬。我还想分享一下36选7开奖喜欢它的原因,当我在全班同学的黑板上留下笔记时,他们可以在早上阅读。我指的是我们所有人都分享的有趣或有意义的事情,并且始终保持积极态度,而不会说空的“you’re a great class.”有一次我为二年级36选7开奖压制了两个星期。休课后,我们陷入了快速开会的模式。一个女孩总是坚持我要读前一天’向他们大声说。当积极的话语笼罩着他们时,有些孩子实际上会大声叹息。几周后我也回到教室,发现我的“table 不es”精心保存。表注释是我有时离开的小组工作的观察结果。例如,如果一个小组中有冲突,并且在我指导他们之后他们坚持不懈,并且更好地一起工作,我可能会贴一张便条纸在他们的桌子旁停下来,我贴在他们桌子的中间,然后我就走开而不必等待反应。我可能会写一个例子:“这个小组走上了正轨,让我‘most improved’ award today.” Thanks for raising this topic. I am continually amazed at how powerful written words are for 您ng people.